pure designs

  • Celebrate life's meaningful moments...

    With our Wedding, Baby, Birthday, Healing & Home Blessings Boxes. Create the perfect opportunity to send wishes & blessings during life's most precious moments.
  • Keep your favorite scent close....

    With our perfume pendants for well being. Each etched with an affirmation: loved, blessed, grateful, strong & fearless, which one resonates with you?
  • Embrace the message!

    Words are powerful and that's why we've created our defineme bracelets for well being. Choose the words or words that resonate the most with you. There are 17 words available, each word comes with a specific colored cord.
  • drink it in!!

    Our favorite way to start the day is with defineme mugs for well being. 13 words & definitions are available, each mug holds 14 oz.
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